Ill wind blows in Sheffield Tigers’ favour

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SHEFFIELD have been handed a place in the Premier League Pairs tournament next week - thanks to an injury to a Tigers favourite.

The City side were not initially placed in the meeting due to the low averages of the top end of the team, but they will now head to Somerset on August 24 attempting to win a meeting they last won in 2010.

The only reason they now qualify is due to an injury to the man that led them to glory two years ago, former captain Ricky Ashworth.

Ashworth, on loan at Berwick, has suffered multiple injuries to his right side and won’t be fit to represent his team, who now drop out.

Despite their unfortunate route in to the meeting, Tigers co-boss David Hoggart accepts it is a good chance for Sheffield to get their hands on some silverware.

He said: “It is some consolation to be in this event but of course Ricky is our asset and we are sorry for Berwick and him, he’s had a great season so far with the Bandits who have suffered intolerably with injuries. Rye House only missed the original cut by a whisker so it’s disappointing for them that they are unable to field two of their top three eligible riders, (Charlie Gjedde’s injury and Jordan Frampton’s sudden retirement gives Sheffield the opportunity.)

“Despite problems we’ll be represented by Richard Hall and Ricky Wells. We won the event two years ago and would love to do so again, it doesn’t look like we will win the league so this is a chance for us to win a trophy this year” said Hoggart.