Club bosses ‘must work together for sake of our sport’

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SHEFFIELD Tigers owner Neil Machin is urging all speedway club bosses to work together for the good of the sport next season.

Machin says supporters are reluctant to travel to away meetings these days because of a combination of the cost and unnecessary cancellations.

Now he is hoping club chiefs will address the issue when they arrive in Warwickshire tomorrow for the annual general meeting of the sport.

Said Machin: “People just won’t travel to away meetings any more because of issues such as petrol prices and the problem of hasty rain-offs.

“There were situations where meetings were rained off when they could probably have gone ahead and at times it became too easy for the plug to be pulled. All that does is stop spectators from going whenever there’s a black cloud in the sky.

“And the ever-increasing Federation of International Motorcycles and foreign commitments of riders means that it’s becoming more and more difficult to rearrange meetings. The problem is particularly acute with the Premier having become a Thursday to Sunday league and it was a real problem trying to change dates and find guests, so we’d like to see more co-operation between promoters.Working together is the best way forward.”

Machin also admits team building will start properly when he returns to his desk on Monday and he knows what riders are likely to become available from other clubs.

He said: “We need to take a look at the situation and then we can start offering contracts to riders.

“If we are to make new signings then we need to see what riders are available and we will have a better idea of that after the weekend.”