Boo hoo, says Eric over Josh’s desire to leave

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TIGERS boss Eric Boocock says he was left personally hurt to learn of Josh Auty’s desire to leave the club through the media.

Boocock, who lives just minutes from the talented young British star, has been a mentor for the rider since he was 15 and just starting out in the sport.

And yet he only discovered he wanted to move on for the 2012 season by reading about it, something which left him hurt and angry.

Said Boocock: “I helped Josh right at the start of his career when he was 15, he’s always called me or popped round as and when he’s needed some advice.

“He’s been a speedway rider for six seasons now and he knows how to go about his business so it was a massive shock to me to read about his decision to leave Sheffield in the press.

“I thought the least he could have done was pick the phone up or take me to one side at one of our meetings to explain the situation.

“I don’t have a problem with the fact that he wants to try a new club, that’s up to him and if he feels it’s the right thing to do for his career then that’s fine, perfectly understandable, he still has ambition and wants to become a better all-round rider.

“But he needs to learn from this episode and look at all the people he has upset by the way he has done it. I still wish the lad well and want to see him do as well as he can in his career but he needs to learn to show courtesy and do things properly in the future.

“Put it this way, if ever he was in need of something he knew my phone number – I can’t believe he’s lost my number since he wanted to leave Sheffield!

“We have to get down to the business of sorting out our seven riders for next season.”