Smith on Sport: World’s gone mad - good to be back again

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YOU have a couple of weeks off and what happens?

YOU have a couple of weeks off and what happens?

The world goes mad.

Sepp Blatter is re-instated as Emperor of world football without an opponent or a stitch of clothing.

Ryan Giggs is caught playing on the other wing - in more than one fixture it seems.

Wayne Rooney has a hair transplant and tweets his newly covered scalp to all and sundry rather than being tempted to have a fight with the first photographer to try and get under his cap.

Then there’s Danny Wilson at Bramall lane.

How can football fans be so utterly dim?

We’ve had the car park protest - feeble though it was - and you’d hope that would be an end to it.

But even now a section Sheffield United supporters are planning how they can get rid of him before he’s signed a player, organised a training session or warmed his seat at Shirecliffe.

Only the truly deluded and terminally one-eyed will bear a grudge against Wilson because he played and managed on the other side of the city but unfortunately there are plenty of those - and it would be the same if the roles were reversed.

As one sensible Blade put it: “If Wilson isn’t allowed to make any signings during the summer and the team get off to a bad start they’ll be on him after half an hour of the first home game.”

It’s great to be back.

How many column inches, tub-thumping editorials and prophecies of civilisation’s end would we be enduring now if Rooney, John Terry or Steven Gerrard had smashed a window in temper after a game instead of England wicket keeper Matt Prior?

Despite the kerfuffle in the papers yesterday you can bet your life there won’t be the national soul searching or moralistic self-flagellation about ‘Broken Britain’s’ falling standards that would ensue had an England footballer had done it.