Smith on Sport: Judy’s japes fire Murray to close shave semi-final bid

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A WORD of advice? Grow a proper beard or get a shave.

A WORD of advice? Grow a proper beard or get a shave.

Andy Murray can’t become the first Brit to win Wimbledon since Henry VIII or whoever it was and stand before the sporting planet with those whispy, smack-head chops embarrassing the nation.

Bad enough that his mother gets in a Twitter about his Deliciano opponent, tweeting herself to a bit of something nice.

Murray was spared homespun humiliation by his sound whupping of Feliciano Lopez in the Wimbledon quarter final last night.

He was brilliant.

Fired by a full-house, spurred on by destiny and keen to smash his mum’s long-range toyboy, Murray looked the real deal against an opponent way out of his league - at least on the tennis court. Imagine the pain if he’d lost?

Conjure up the toe-curling agony of defeat to a man your mother has been flirting with in front of billions.

Now of course he’s going to get the full British Hopeful treatment.

Every Victory from Agincourt to El Alamein will be conjured up in praise and expectation of his heroism. He’s now reached seven Grand Slam semi-finals including the last two Wimbledon semis and he will need to beat Rafael Nadal to reach the final.

Perhaps Judy’s japes are designed by her to get that extra bit of fire from the son she coached as a boy.

Mothers know about these things.

She will know exactly what to give her son to find more motivation for the semi-final on Friday. A Bic and some foam.

And when the time comes for him to walk out on that great day she will have those three little words that a mother saves for her son’s biggest occasions.

As he exits those hallowed, panelled halls to face all of humanity on the day they have both dreamed about all his life, she will lean over, squeeze his arm and whisper those three little words into his ear.

“Come on Tim.”