Smith on Sport: It’s an endless bummer for a football addict

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THE football fixtures come out tomorrow, echoes of a new season already.

Can that be right?

Haven’t we just had the Champions League Final? Weren’t the play-offs only a few days ago?

The day after the start of the third big cricket test of the season and already we have to think about Boxing Day fixtures, winnable away games and home bankers.

With barely enough time for a hair transplant to heal or a sex scandal to die down the all-consuming football monster is rearing it’s multi-headed self ready to devour all before it.

Wimbledon hasn’t even STARTED yet and we’re looking forward to February in Exeter or Carlisle. They start playing friendlies in July. Most of us won’t have been on our summer holiday by then.

There is something marvellous about watching your team on television while you’re still on holiday but that’s the only good thing and most of our teams won’t be on TV anyway.

It’s all too much too soon. And it might well get worse any time soon.

If we start giving players a winter break ahead of international tournaments the season will have to start earlier and finish later.

It’s no good. We should still be in flip-flops and shorts until September.

Life is just too short for football to get any bigger.

The beach-time backlash starts here.