Smith on Soccer: Millers looking ahead as Fabio just looks weak

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LIDDLE, Dibble and Warne.

Not quite Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb but close enough to raise a titter among fans.

But these lads are no Trumpton firemen or Windy Millers, the future of Rotherham United is in their hands.

They - Andy Liddell, Andy Dibble and Paul Warne - are the relatively young men being given a great opportunity by one of the most forward-thinking and ambitious chairmen in the Football League.

Tony Stewart has put millions into the club and he’s a man who is going to bring the Millers back to Rotherham in a futuristic new stadium opposite Milmoor - in every sense of the word.

Good luck to the three of them, there’s still a great chance they can get promoted despite the club’s relatively poor recent run.

But spare a thought for Ronnie Moore.

A true Rotherham hero, his feats as a goalscorer and manager are assured a place in the Rotherham legend.

A charismatic and engaging man, Ronnie took the team to places it had never been and deserved his shot at a second spell at the club.

But in the end it didn’t work out and while many will say the club were hasty the chairman will be proved right if the new trio in charge can get the Millers into the play-offs.

Ronnie is a great talker on football and a man who could give a reporter five stories in ten minutes, we love him for that and wish him all the best.

What we don’t love is the ongoing nonsense with Capello, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and the England captaincy.

I know it’s moderately important to the team but really, who else cares?

The Welsh will be rubbing their hands thinking about playing England team that’s more fixated on the armband than who they are playing.

Capello is entirely to blame.

The man who came into the England job with a disciplinarian’s reputation looks increasingly like a man who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Why would you leak it to the press that you were switching captains before you told the man you were taking the captaincy from?

His ‘I do as I like’ face doesn’t work.

He might have run club sides that way and with great success but it seems everything he does now undermines his reputation and position.

Nothing feels right about Capello and England any more and Wales will be busting a gut to beat us on Saturday.

If the England team aren’t right up for it they might just do that.