SMITH ON SOCCER: Despite boos and blues, fans need to stick with it

Wembley: Harry Redknapp
Wembley: Harry Redknapp
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‘MEGSON’S Misery’, ‘Bog Standard’ Blades.

The headlines tell us everything we need to know about Sheffield football at the moment.

Wednesday, so full of hope and ambition at the start of the season now languishing in 16th place in League one after topping the early season table with new owner Milan Mandaric today admitting the Owls job is much bigger than he thought it was going to be. Where have we heard that one before?

Wednesday left the pitch last night to a chorus of: ‘You’re not fit to wear the shirt’ which of course is nonsense.

Players like the ones they have now have been wearing the shirt for at least five years. That’s why the shirt is where it is.

Unitedites were unusually less vociferous in their condemnation.

But there’s a feeling of resignation seeping into Blades fans like damp into a bag of cement. They seem to be getting ready for what used to be the unthinkable.

Both clubs have new managers both are bringing in loan players as fast as they can and both need a break.

At times like these it’s difficult to see a way out of the spiral of defeat and demoralisation but, football being what it is, there’s always hope. Realistic hope in both cases.

But the fans have to stay with them.

Difficult though that is when you’re looking at your watch during games half hoping for an extra five minutes, half hoping you were on your way home.

New managers need a bit of time, as do new players but in both United and Wednesday’s case they haven’t got a lot of it.

Now, more than ever the clubs need their supporters to stick with it. There really is no alternative..

What about those Spurs? Few teams go to the San Siro stadium and win. Now after 40 years of intermittent inspiration and long bouts of mediocrity Harry Redknapp looks like he might have a team ready to challenge at the top. Champions League final at Wembley? Don’t rule them out.