Sheffield firm’s dialect guide for Tour visitors

Staff from JE James create a Yorkshire dialect guide for Tour de France visitors
Staff from JE James create a Yorkshire dialect guide for Tour de France visitors
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A ‘reet good’ guide to the Yorkshire dialect has been created by a Sheffield cycling store as light-hearted advice for the hundreds of thousands of visitors arriving here this weekend.

JE James Cycles on Bramall Lane has put together the cycling translations - which include the meanings behind ‘tha jammy beggar’ and ‘that’s a reight bobby dazzler’.

It says the most important Yorkshire phrase is ‘arrrh much?’ - or ‘combien’ in French.

Dozens of useful phrases and nuggets of adviceare included in the guide.

Adam Simmonite, from the store’s marketing team, said staff came up with the idea after official Tour Makers were told to not use greetings such as ‘love’.

He said: “We thought we would offer a ‘reet good’ and light-hearted guide to how a fusion of French, cycling and Yorkshire would work.

“We were bowled over when the esteemed Yorkshire Dialect society gave it the thumbs up.”

The Grand Yorkshire Phrase Guide is available on

In other unusual Tour news, tractors with WiFi capabilities will be on the road during the Tour.

One of the very modern machines will be in High Bradfield - an area notoriously bad for phone signal – on Sunday.

Revellers in a 500 metre radius of the tractor at the Steel Stage party will now have an internet connection. The National Farming Union has organised the project.

Vice President Guy Smith said: “The NFU has been campaigning for years to ensure rural communities are not left adrift because of a lack of access to broadband services.

“We are delighted to be able to help spectators share their experiences of this world-famous event online quickly.”