Sez Les: Brazil gets a bit of Barnsley

Roy Hodgson and Jess Moran.
Roy Hodgson and Jess Moran.
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The boys are in Brazil this weekend but the girls have beaten them to it. Including a special one from Barnsley.

Jess Moran has certainly been flying the Barnsley flag in Brazil this week amidst her duties with the British Army women’s team of which she is a star.

Quite what the locals out in the favelas of Rio have made of Barnsley shirts adorned with “It’s just like watching Brazil” on them, is anybody’s guess. Puzzling I would reckon!

Of course, it was the song adopted by fans at Oakwell in tribute to the football Danny Wilson’s side played during their promotion campaign into the Premier League in 1996/7.

Well, aided by some home town pals, she has taken some shirts out there to hand out among the locals during community work undertaken as part of the Army’s football trip to Brazil this week.

Jess, who is a left-sided attacker, was recently named Army women’s Player of the Year and she received her trophy from Roy Hodgson.

They are out in Brazil, along with the men’s team, as part of the Army Football Association’s 125th anniversary and they had fixtures planned in Rio against the Brazilian Armed Forces.

Jess, whose unit is the ARRC, is in the squad along with Bianca Ross from Sheffield who serves in REME.

Roy Hodgson and his squad landed in Brazil yesterday and Jess, Bianca and the other players have been invited to the England training session in Rio today and the Army squads will be guests at the Brazil-England game in the revamped Maracana on Sunday.

Jess says she would love just to go on the pitch at the Maracana. Perhaps Roy could arrange that!

*It just gets better and better for Joe Root. It no doubt will get even better still some way down the line but he’s always going to remember last Saturday afternoon long after he no longer has a bat in his hand.

He may have fancied a first Test century at Lord’s but never could it have been a reception like the one at Headingley in front of what has already become an adoring Yorkshire public.

To get Man of the Series is pretty good too and I liked the Graeme Swann quip - “When I was 14 I was never that good.”