Streaker brought Knights some light relief

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DONCASTER Knights’ supporters had some light relief last Saturday during our British and Irish Cup against Pontypridd – we had a streaker at Castle Park.

A young man draped in a towel ran on at the Woodside end whilst play was at the other end. When he got towards the middle he dropped his towel – he was a brave man because it was quite cold. He made little attempt to evade our stewards who gently escorted him from the pitch.

We thought the young man was one of our visitors but apparently he was a local lad known to the stewards for similar activities at the Keepmoat Stadium.

Afterwards I saw a couple of the stewards and the lad having a laugh together which I thought was great as it was only a bit of a joke.

I have to admit that I can hardly complain because, in the “old days” in the “old clubhouse” it was quite common practice for someone to strip off. In those days everyone had a song and mine was Running Bear by Johnny Preston. However it was not unknown for me and my fellow Red Indians to sing it running bare – thankfully we did not have any stewards those days. What a sight we must have been running around the clubhouse. I even seem to remember singing it with the tribe in the middle of St Germain-en-Laye on our bi-annual Easter tour!

This weekend the Knights are at home to Plymouth as the first part of the Championship season approaches its climax as the 12 teams vie to be in the top-eight thus avoiding the dreaded relegation play-offs.

At the moment the Knights are in sixth place on 40 points which is 12 ahead of Bristol who are in ninth with four games left. The Knights target has to be a minimum of a further nine points from their remaining five games although their task could be made easier for every point that Bristol drop.

We are all hoping that the bad weather is behind us as cancelled games can be quite expensive. Our game against league leaders Worcester was postponed in early December and played in midweek and instead of our anticipated crowd of around 2,500 we had just under 1,000.