Sheffield Eagles try to buy time for takeover

John Whaling
John Whaling
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Sheffield Eagles chief executive John Whaling says the club are focusing on mini-avenues of funding to give them the appropriate timescales to save the club from extinction.

With the club having only enough current funding for one month, delays with Sheffield Council over their preferred takeover look set to scupper the Eagles’ chances of much-needed fresh investment.

Whaling has now confirmed he is looking for ‘small pockets’ of investment in order to keep the club alive long enough for a successful takeover.

“The only thing we can do is indentify some small pockets of money to try and buy us some time,” Whaling told The Star.

“We need five-figure sums to help us sustain what we are doing; I don’t think we can achieve that from bucket collections. We need some of the business communities to come around us if we are to survive, if I am honest.”

The hold-up on the takeover surrounds a piece of land where their potential new owner wants to expand his energy business.

Whaling says the council asked for a re-application for the land only last week, effectively ending any takeover in the timescales the club have set themselves.