Sheffield Eagles ‘secret’ investor changes tack over ground investment

Eagles - future still needs to be resolved.
Eagles - future still needs to be resolved.
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Planned investment in Sheffield Eagles has taken a step closer, according club director Mark Aston.

Eagles came close to extinction last year as delays over funding from an unnamed sponsor threatened to end rugby league in Sheffield. Whilst the club stabilised itself through a temporary switch to Wakefield, the long-term funding remained in doubt.

Aston previously explained investment hinged on their investor’s planned ‘green energy’ business, the start of which was being held up by red tape.

Now Aston has confirmed that the same person has taken a step closer to investment in the club, indicating that his involvement isn’t now determined solely on his other business plans.

“I think the answer to that will probably be yes,” Aston told The Star when asked if money would be invested if the green energy business doesn’t happen. “I think his planned business will happen as well, but he’s passionate about delivering the stadium too. He is positive on both fronts.”

Still not named, apparently not wanting the publicity, the plans still mean that the present board and backroom staff will still run the club.

Aston didn’t rule out the investor eventually joining the board of directors, with the only foreseeable stumbling block appearing to be what happens should the Eagles not get the nod to develop the stadium at the Olympic Legacy Park.

Aston said: “He won’t take it over, the same people will run the club day-to-day, that’s the two directors, me and Chris Noble.

“He may become part of the Board, but we are certainly getting close now. He is very driven about what he wants to develop, and what he wants to fetch to the city of Sheffield.

“I think if he doesn’t get the green light with the stadium then questions will be asked.

“It was said three or four years ago that this will be a rugby stadium. We will be mightily disappointed if that changes.”