Future of crisis club Sheffield Eagles hangs in the balance

Sheffield Eagles lose to Swinton. Pic by Simon Hall
Sheffield Eagles lose to Swinton. Pic by Simon Hall

Chief Executive John Whaling continues his battle to save Sheffield Eagles bolstered by interest from two new interested parties.

Eagles have just weeks to complete a deal in order to save the stricken club with Whaling confirming he has more discussions planned this week with the two front runners who have been in talks for weeks.

With no takeover complete, the Eagles sent out an SOS on Friday calling on anyone who would like to talk with the cub to come forward and Whaling confirmed that he received two calls over the weekend.

“I have had calls over the weekend which is nice, and I have a meeting set up with one of those to see how they want to progress things” Whaling said. “I don’t think that they would have contacted us if they weren’t serious. They didn’t go into details on (the issue of) full-time/part-time, the group I spoke to in more depth has apparently looked at some clubs in League One over the past year and none of those have come off, but the chance to have a look at a Championship is very appealing to them.”

The most likely solution still lies with the two groups who have held long-standing interest in a takeover - both have said they intend to move the Eagles back to part-time. “In the timescale that we have, I think a deal with one of the two is the most likely,” Whaling added. “After I speak with one of these two that have come forward over the weekend, and they can move quickly, then by all means I am open to more dialogue and seeing what their ideas are. I am still ploughing ahead with the first two groups and I am still hopeful that in the next two to three weeks we will get something sorted with one of those two.”

Meanwhile, the exodus has already started from the current team with director Mark Aston confirming two unnamed members of his squad have already agreed terms with other clubs for next season. Aston was disappointed with his side after their 38-40 defeat to Swinton on Sunday.