Knights ‘ worst form of season’

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DONCASTER Knights slumped to their first defeat in six Championship games, going down 32-15 against visiting Nottingham at Castle Park.

“I’d say it was a fair result based on the fact that we probably put in our worst performance of the season,” Knights’ boss Brett Davey.

“Everything went wrong and it was disappointing to say the least. As a performance, compared with how we played in the 18-18 draw at Bedford the previous week, it was a million miles away.

“What made it worse was the fact that we were at home.

“We started off quite well but it proved a false dawn. We didn’t work hard; our skills level wasn’t good enough; we didn’t defend well; our discipline was poor and when you combine all those things together you aren’t going to win games.

“There must have been 25 turnovers during the game when we gave the ball away. Our decision making was poor and it was just a really bad day at the office.

“The coaching staff had a chat about the game on Saturday night but it was really difficult to fathom out what went wrong.

“There were things that had happened during the week that none of us were happy about and it was a case of I pretty much knew what was coming.

“As a coach there’s nothing much you can do about it. You can say the right things; you can try and motivate players in the right way; you can talk to the players on the training pitch about where we are at.

“But if players start to believe that they are better than they are actually are, sometimes that’s what happens.

“We’ve had a lot good press over the last four or five weeks and we’ve played some half-decent rugby and the Nottingham game was probably the first time we’ve not improved from the previous game.

“It wil; be interesting to see how we come back from it at Esher at the weekend.”

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