'Focus for 90 minutes'

MARK Robins will demand his Rotherham United side start stitching together two good halves and not leaving it at just one!

Rotherham's recent second-half difficulties will now see their performances after half-time come under closer scrutiny.

"It's inevitable that people will start bringing it up and focusing on it," said the Millers manager as his side headed off to London for tonight's clash with Brentford at Griffin Park.

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"I reckon people will be looking at how we play in the second half tonight and it has been a problem area in some matches just recently.

"We are trying to address the situation and there's no reason why we cannot. Is it a mental thing? It's not a fitness thing, I'm sure of that.

"We need to stay focused and to concentrate the whole time. Teams, at any level, don't dominate for the entire 90 minutes.

"Sometimes, a team will be on top in the first half and then the other one comes back strongly in the second half.

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"It's something highlighted for us now and it's up to us to put it right."

It is Rotherham's second game in three days and Robins touched on the fact it is the fifth in 13.

"In a short space of time, that's a lot of matches and you do have to ensure you manage the players' fitness and their preparation," added Robins.

"After Tuesday, it was about recovery but we had some players rested from that game anyway."

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Andy Warrington, Graham Coughlan, Andy Todd and Derek Holmes were left out of the starting line-up on Tuesday but all will be back tonight.

Coughlan will regain the captain's armband which went, against Grimsby, to Paul Hurst.

Robins has also to decide if he sticks with Marc Newsham who started last Saturday and then played the full 90 minutes again on Tuesday.