Eagles win cash and apology

SHEFFIELD Eagles have won their bitter battle with Halifax over breaking a signed agreement and playing Sam Barlow against them in a crucial game.

The West Yorkshire club has apologised for its actions and agreed to pay undisclosed damages to the Eagles.

In the letter of apology chairman Michael Steel accepts that the "judgement of Halifax RLFC to play Sam was morally wrong".

The Eagles had threatened to sue Halifax but after three weeks of negotiations through lawyers the clubs have agreed an out-of-court settlement.

The row centred on Barlow and Halifax ignoring a 'no-play' clause in a deal that allowed the player to join Fax from the Eagles.

Eagles chairman Ian Swire said: "The board of directors of Sheffield Eagles is pleased this matter has been settled and that the club's stand on a matter of principle has been fully justified. This club believes that undertakings made under contracts have to be observed by all parties to an agreement.

"This matter need never have resulted in a dispute between Co-operative Championship clubs and the involvement of lawyers, if the signed agreement had been observed."

A statement agreed by both clubs says: "We are pleased to announce that following Halifax playing Sam Barlow in the play-off match on September 16 in breach of a signed contract between Sam and Sheffield Eagles, the two clubs have reached an out-of-court financial settlement and the matter is now closed as far as both clubs are concerned.

"Michael Steele, chairman of Halifax RLFC, has sent a letter of apology to Sheffield Eagles in which he acknowledges that the judgement of Halifax RLFC to play Sam was morally wrong and Sheffield has accepted that apology."

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