Beef cake rugby stars are too macho!

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SHEFFIELD Eagles players’ bulging muscles have landed the club in trouble with rugby league’s bureaucrats.

When the players put on their super-tight playing shirts they are stretching the sponsors’ logos and make them bust size limits.

League watchdogs spotted the over-sized logos while watching Eagles play York on Sky last week. “The RFL say the sponsors’ patches look bigger than under their directive for logos,” said Eagles’ general manager Simon Proctor. “It seems the players have chosen tight shirts and when they put them on the material expands. When the shirts are made the sponsors’ patches are the right size but players are big lads and the patches stretch.” The club has been told to send a sample shirt to the League commercial department for checking.”

An RFL spokesman said: “Every club has to abide by guidelines regarding the size of the sponsors logo on the shirt - it’s just a precautionary check.”

Meanwhile Eagles centre Menzie Yere has got Mark Aston’s vote for creating the most spectacular try of the season.

His 60-metre run set up a fourth try for Eagles win at York last week. “It was special,” said Aston.

“When Menzie gets those legs moving he travels quickly. It was a great break and Jason Crookes looked sharp as he got on the end to score the try.”

Eagles will play their fourth round Challenge Cup game against St Helens, at Widnes, on May 7 , 3pm.