Rotherham United: Paul Warne meets centre half target for talks

Paul Warne hopes that meeting a possible new defender will help the deal get over the line.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 2:32 pm
Updated Friday, 16th August 2019, 4:13 pm
Paul Warne

Warne intended to meet a central defender he wants to bring to the club on a free transfer on Friday.

This is a fourth target for the Millers having seen bids for three other players rejected over the summer and the boss is feeling hopeful.

“The interest in the centre-half is still live and it would be a permanent deal,” he said.

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“I wouldn't expect it to get done by this weekend, if it gets done.

“I want to get a good feel for him. I'll go and spend a couple of hours in his time and we'll see what we think of each other. That is do-able.

“Everything that needs to be agreed is already agreed. We have other targets as well. This is the easiest one. It doesn't mean it's the one we'll choose.

“He's available on a free transfer.”

Several wingers are also on Warne's shopping list as he wants to have a Plan B in case the new 4-3-3 formation does not work.

He has several targets in mind and has a made a cash offer for one player and has loan ideas for two more.

“We have a bid for a winger on a permanent deal and are also looking to bring in two wingers on loan. They would be loans from Championship clubs.

“With the board's backing, my dream scenario would be to get a centre-half and two wingers.

“The wingers have to be ones that can play in a midfield three or a midfield four.

“They have to be more than just wingers that just stand out there with their feet on the touchline and whip crosses in. They have to have a bit more about them.

“That's why the search is more difficult. That and the fact wingers don't seem to exist anymore. Or if they do, their clubs want to keep them.”

Warne returns to Burton on Saturday, the scene of his first game in charge in 2016 where he was left in tears after a 2-1 defeat.

“My memories are of being an emotional wreck,” he admitted. “When I look back now, I look back differently with a bit of pride. The lads gave me everything they could.

“I believed, naively, that we would win and when we didn't my brain couldn't comprehend it. I look back now with a smile on my face.”