Riders want to join Tigers despite club being up for sale

Positive moves
Positive moves
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David Hoggart has revealed how several riders have been in touch wanting a team place with Sheffield for the 2014 season.

And the Tigers co-boss has also confirmed he is talking to riders in the hope the club will be sold sooner rather than later.

Sheffield owner Neil Machin has the club up for sale but so far, almost two months since the club’s final meeting, no deal has been struck.

Said Hoggart: “Despite the club being up for sale we have had several riders making contact saying they’d love to ride for Sheffield.

“They are aware the club is up for sale and at the same time I have been talking to our own riders and asking them to give us time.

“I understand riders want to be fixed up as quickly as possible but until the situation is resolved with the ownership we can put nothing in writing.”

Hoggart says he’s been trying to prevent Sheffield falling behind in team building as other clubs snap up riders.

He said: “Hopefully the ownership of the club can be finalised sooner rather than later.”