Richard Fidler talks sport with Nick Matthew

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sheffield’s two-time World squash champion and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Nick Matthew, aged 31, is the most dominating figure in the sport since Peter Nicol.

What have you been doing today?

Had physio and a tough strength and conditioning down at the EIS this morning followed by a light court session at my squash club, Hallamshire, and back to eis to get beaten up on the massage bed by Derry ‘Magic Hands’ Suter.

Who is your inspiration and why?

Sportsmen who have overcome the odds to not only become the best in the world but also transcend their sport. Muhammed Ali, Lance Armstrong and Jonah Barrington spring to mind.

Which sports star did you admire when you were growing up?

Peter Nicol was the best in the world when I was a junior. We shared a coach and i was told i had a similar work ethic which inspired me.

What’s your favourite other sport?

Football to watch or golf to play. just joined hallamshire Golf Club which i hope to play on in my spare time when the weather improves.

Who is the most famous person in your phone?

jessica ennis, maybe.

When was the last time you cried?

last night when I watched a compilation dvd of my world championship win which england squash sent to me!

Who or what are you most proud of?

my mum for being such an amazing person and putting up with me for all of these years. lately for her new gym regime which has made her look 10 years younger.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

To stay humble in success and failure and to be patient. You never know when the hard work will pay off

When did you know you were good at what you do?

When i was about 15 i started to challenge some of the good senior players and started to think about the possibility of taking squash up as a career.

What one item do you take with you wherever you go?

bottle of water. the squash boys take the mick out of me. i might be in a suit but will still have my water with me!

What is the most nervous you’ve ever been?

before playing thierry lincou in the semis of the sky open in cairo in june 2010. if i won i became world number one for the first time. i could barely hold the racket and how i won that match i will never know

Do you ever doubt yourself?

all the time. There is always that ‘judge’ questioning yourself in one ear. You have to accept that it’s a normal thing and nothing to worry about and it will quieten down.

What is your view on social networks like Twitter and Facebook?

Great in terms of fun, but also networking and promoting your image; bad sometimes as they can be addictive.

How do you relax away from sport?

Love relaxing at home with being on the road most of the year. I try to turn off my phone and switch off my mind in front of a movie.

Where was your last holiday - and would you go again?

St Lucia last summer with my girlfriend. We had the time of our lives and would go again in a heartbeat.

Do you cook? If so, what’s your favourite - if not, who provides that favourite meal?

Yes. Anything with minimal preparation time after a hard day’s training. Favourite is turkey, rice and broccoli.

What was the last book you read?

Bounce by Matthew Syed. Agree with his argument that talent is a myth and champions are made rather than born.

If you weren’t doing what you do, what would you do?

Something to do with sport as I am a sport nut. Journalism interests me greatly after I’ve finished my playing days.

Tell our readers in your own words why you think we’re interested enough to interview you?

I am a Sheffield born and bred and the best in the world at what I do. Despite travelling the world, I love nothing better than coming back home.

Favourite TV programme?

Entourage, Luther and Football League Review if Wednesday win!