Rich Pickings: Best of week’s sport on the web, by Richard Fidler

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CHED Evans’ importance to Sheffield United continues to be a red hot debate on our website,

Sheffield Wednesday’s Gary Madine courted controversy by claiming the Blades were “nothing” without the Welsh striker.

That ruffled a few feathers, as you’d expect, amongst fans at Bramall Lane.

Adenuf stated: “I’ll stand corrected if my numbers are out but I’m sure Evans has scored 25 league goals out of our 78 (yes 78, the most goals scored out of all 4 leagues).

“If my maths is correct that leaves 53 goals coming from elsewhere! Yes Evans is a massive part of our team but the stats support the fact we are anything but a one-man show. I wonder if jealous Spanish fans hammer Barca for being a one man show!”

Meanwhile Owls fans are hoping the Manager of the Month Award does not evoke the curse of losing the next game.

On Owlstalk, nevthelodgemoorowl tried to kill off the superstition: “All Rhubarb... we walk away with three points tomorrow and a certain team across the city will be questioning if they have what it takes to cross the line.”

Meanwhile a Portsmouth fan has asked for some support from Rovers fans on thematter of ticket-pricing at the Keepmoat.

On, peterstoriesastar posted: “I am a Pompey fan travelling up with 6 family members to the game in April. Is there anyone please exlain how we have to pay £12 more than Donny fans to watch the game?

“Came up last season, despite the the win was really impressed with the way things were run off the field. Have a word and ask the same question to your people. Thinking not to bother going but go to Forest instead.”

It’s fair to say he didn’t get much in the way of sympathy.

Fatboyrover reminded him of his own club’s financial problems and explained: “It’s a local ticket promotion, all clubs have them they’re allowed to do that for 2 or 3 games per season. Have a word with your lot and get your own house in order!”

On the Rotherham section of the same website, MikeMiller partially celebrated yesterday’s win at Wimbledon saying: “At least we can celebrate with a few pints t’neet. We’ve still got a poor defence, but Rhys Taylor played well, we got away with it, against a mediocre level 4 team.”

Well, I guess you just can’t please everybody!