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YOU can’t ever say it’s dull around our football clubs at the moment.

On Gerimo says Wednesday are right back in the automatic promotion race after their win and United’s loss on Saturday: “I think the tide has turned, lot of bad omens for the Blades, couldn’t manage a shot on target against 10 men.”

Silverblade disagreed: “Don’t get too giddy Owls, still behind us first defeat in 10, win the next two and job done, to use what many have said it will go all the way to the wire. We move on. But what a season. Would have taken this position though at the start of season, also first defeat in 10 it wont happen again.”

WatchinThePhoenix said: “What drama at Hillsborough today, fantastic atmosphere. This will go down as one of the most memorable seasons ever in Sheffield and it underlines how important it is for the two teams to be in the same division. Just hope we win at Brentford (a tough ask) to take it to the last day.”

Further down League One Chesterfield are still battling away. On MDCCCLXVI said: “All I can say is that if we’re a League One club by five o’clock on the fifth of May the lucky general that is John Sheridan should run straight down to Allen’s gambling den and chuck his wedge on any number he chooses. I mean, if he can beat the odds against our survival in such a manner winning a million on the roulette table should be a cinch!”

LuSiVe added: “I pity the poor guy I met at the bus stop who, having given up and left at half past four, was amazed to discover that we’d won.”

They’re safe, but life isn’t so rosy at Oakwell. On Roachietyke made the point that fans criticising manager Keith Hill were wrong: “Imagine if you were a Huddersfield or Leeds fan, especially Huddersfield fans. They’ve sacked managers and it’s not paid off, ask yourself “Who would take Barnsley on and be able to do a good job?”

However, Captain_Caveman disagreed: “I dont wish for anything, all I do is expect the team I support to go out on the pitch and give their all, if it’s not good enough to win then so be it, at least they have had a go. What I don’t expect is to watch a team that looks like it’s already lost before kick off, that rolls over and has it’s belly tickled almost every week, that is managed by a man who is arrogant beyond belief, who will blame everything and anyone while failing to admit he just might have got things wrong.”