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Sheffield Wednesday fans are gushing with enthusiasm after seeing their side rise to third place, two points behind second-place Huddersfield.

The win at Wycombe led to bags of praise from Owls writers on the net.

“Nice!! So proud of the team this year all round” wrote Barklyowl on

“Lowe is so committed to the cause. It must be over 10 years since we have had strikers this committed to the club and cause.

“Megson obviously had seen enough of wycombes hard hitting tactics and boiled over - another tick to the cause! We can’t say our mob aren’t trying this year!!! Come on you Owls keep it up, you’re making us all proud again.”

And Handsworth added: “Nice to wake up and know that it wasn’t a dream - we really have another three points and are sitting at the top end of the table.

“One thing which is very pleasing is that all the reports seem to indicate that we have a happy squad and if that be so they will play better and we will not have players dropping out for matches with niggling injuries. Carry on the good work.”

Meanwhile, educated bloke, on the has denied George Long was at fault for any of the goals in Sheffield United’s 4-4 home tie with Exeter.

“Goal 1, first rule of defending, “If in doubt, kick it out”. My opinion, 100% defenders fault, no fault of the keeper. Goal 2, took a deflection, no fault of the keeper. Goal 3, offside, poor officals, no fault of the keeper. Goal 4, poor defending, keeper goes out, spreads himself, good finish, no fault of the keeper. Long must keep his place for the next game. The defence let him down badly. I can sum up in one name what is needed...Chris Morgan.”

Bobble believes United were “very poor against MK in midweek; no better against Exeter.”

He wrote: “Midfield are non-existent and if anyone thinks a keeper is going to hold a first team position at 18 then (Saturday) should be a lesson. Simmo is good to give a goal away a game but Long is nowhere near ready. Sign a veteran journeyman keeper like...Bennett!

“When the seasiders go back we will do well to finish mid table. We are a very poor side in a very poor league.”

Meanwhile Crystalpeaks man has this to say on our site about retired boxer author Bomber Graham: “He always seemed a gentleman, He was and is a credit to the boxing profession.”