Promising start

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Wins by both Sheffield clubs and a generally promising start to the season has left fans feeling giddy in the Steel City.

United are joint top with Wednesday are one point out of the top six.

In the, LondonrdBlade suggested: “Great result and another clean sheet for the “best defence” in the league. We really need to kill teams off tho. Defending a 1 goal lead away from home is not easy as tranmere proved. ATTACK ATTACK, ATTACK ATTACK! 2 wins for Wendy, the slump is on the way!”

The sentiment was endorsed by Cookymonster who pointed out “13 out of 15 points is very impressive, well done Blades and double agent Wilson.”

But s2 BlAdE 4 LiFe cautioned that they must be consistent and proactive: “Played some good football against everton but these pub teams (Yeovil) we go up 1-0 and then happy to see it out.”

On the blue side of the electronic debate, J ‘s an Owl said he was delighted with three points from the home win over Scunthorpe.

But referering to the fact Owls’ target Adam Le Fondre he said: “I feel relieved as a club that were not paying stupid money out for players that aren’t proven at a higher level than they have played.

“I feel standing strong as a club will pay dividends as the right striker will be found in good time, as they say ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait’.

We don’t have the opportunity to give ALF a chance to see how he goes on, we however need a proven goalscorer who will come straight into our team and grab us 20 goals there or there abouts. Reading have the privelige of using ALF of the bench as and when as they have strength in depth, as he is just a bonus to them, we need a 100% wager. I do think Martyn Waghorn would be a very good signing as Sven has announced that Waghorn can leave and look for another club. For his goals go to the link below I added. Very strong, good quality and knows where the net is, just what you need up front in this league more importantly just what Weds need. UTO and Thank you MM for building our club THE RIGHT WAY!!!!! “

NottsOwls believes the Oswls must target front runners MK Dons and Charlton if they are to “progress.”

He wrote: “I am still not convinced that we are good for promotion we still need a class Striker and not cast offs. Marshall is BRILLIANT and I am glad that Madine is scoring but MM needs to back Mr Megson with support and show us some ambition and still clear out the DEADWOOD. If we are that good why did we lose to Bournemouth and Bury?”