Poolside with Sheffield diver Nick Robinson-Baker

Great Britain's Nick Robinson Baker
Great Britain's Nick Robinson Baker
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I HAVE been landing on my backside a lot recently so the main thing I am working on at the moment is getting it right and making sure I am landing the right way.

Not so long ago we had the Olympic test event in London and I have got the Canadian Grand Prix and European Championships to get it right before the big one this summer. My front four and a half dive I’ve been landing badly but if I can land it right on the day, not only will it be a great feeling, but it should have great rewards too.

I worked on it and know the FINA World Series is on at the moment but I don’t have another competition for a while and that’s when I will go to Canada. From there I will go onto the Euro Championships in Holland and we’ll have some training camps, one in Mallorca and one in Southend, as well.

I am in a good place and my 3m synchro partner Chris Mears had a really good run out at the test event and we feel confident we can definitely get a medal when we get back to the Olympic Aquatics Centre in the summer.

The crowd at the test event was fantastic and it was interesting for us to go out there and compete with so many people watching. The crowd was about 4,500 but for the Olympics it could be more like 15,000 - it is going to be insane.

Obviously the boards and pool don’t change wherever you go around the world, the springboards are all the same, but it will feel different.

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