Paul sweeps up for the second time this winter against Swift

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Paul Bailey won his second winter sweep at Millhouses Park last Sunday beating Mick Swift 21-14 in the final, and just like almost every other weekly winner Paul had a 21-19 win as well as two 21-20s along the way.

Paul moves into third position in the ranking list, and Mick has now confirmed his place in the top sixteen for the play-offs on February 23.

8 Quarter-final results: James Higgins 15 Mick Swift 21, Scott Woodward 14 Joe Westell 21, Ian Wassell 11 Peter Worfolk 21, Paul Bailey 21 Danny Sillitoe 20. Semi-finals: Mick Swift 21 Joe Westell 18, Peter Worfolk 8 Paul Bailey 21.

8 Top sixteen bowlers: Matt Beever 59, Peter Worfolk 55, Paul Bailey 47, Debbie Farmer 41, Scott Woodward 40, Danny Sillitoe 39, Mick Swift 34, Steve Lonnia 33, Andy Whitaker 32, Harry Slack 29, Joe Westell 29, Mark Gilbank 28, James Higgins 28, Mick Crawshaw 26, Graham Wassell 26, Calum Mailer 25.

The players from positions 17 to 32 will have their own play-off early on the 23rd: Ian Wassell 24, Richard Lonnia 23, Ernie Wearing 23, Bev Jones 22, Dean Missere 21, Craig Shore 20, Bob Brown 19, Andy Mailer 16, Tom Hague 15, Peter Sturch 15, Brian Wilby 15, Phil Henson 14, Dave Mallinson 14, Peter Maddison 13, Andy Wilby 13, Steve Pickering 12.

8 Armthorpe Winter League results from week 16 matches played Sunday February 2: Hallas 69 Bawtry 59, Dearne 74 Carcroft 63, Lennies 62 Bolsover 80, Tickhill 78 Pilks Wrecked 53, Westfield Park 72 Armthorpe 76, Westfield Park 84 Pilks Wrecked 32. League positions: Armthorpe 1239, Hallas 1223, Westfield Park 1191, Dearne 1153, Bolsover 1150, Tickhill 1130, Carcroft 1063, Bawtry 1052, Lennies 967, Pilks Wrecked 883.

Jack Clarke took advantage of the favourable weather conditions on the fifteenth consecutive Saturday of winter doubles at Hollinsend Park to record yet another win.

In case you were wondering how an individual can win a pairs competition, the players draw for different partners for each of six games, and they play eight ends with everyone in the foursome having the jack for two ends. Whoever amasses most points over their six games gets the money. Graham Bland and Barry Ward finished in second and third places.

8 Results from the Dorothy Hymans winter league from Saturday February 1: Nomads 78 Bawtry 60, Hymans 81 Phoenix 52, Royston 68 Roundwood 75, Shaw Lane 67 Dearne 71, Alzmob 58 Armthorpe 80. League table: Shaw Lane 1137, Dorothy Hymans 1110, Armthorpe 1108, Dearne 1081, Roundwood 1072, Alzmob 1043, Nomads 962, Bawtry 946, Royston 887, Phoenix 868.

As they enter the home straight the unbeaten John Richardson takes the front in the race for the averages prize, but only just. John Richardson 1.56, Brian Cooper 1.52, Adrian Taylor 1.51

8 The Tuesday evenings at Dearne Sports came to an end on January 28, leaving the final league table as: Pasties 1070, Spinkies 1032, Lascelles 1028, Armthorpe 1027, Dearne 1014, Alzmob 792, Yorkshire Puddings 785, Bawtry 784. Congratulations to the Pasties on winning this league. As you can see there was virtually nothing between the next four teams the next 4 teams, with Bawtry just edging second spot. John Hardwick won the averages despite losing his first game of the winter in the last week, with Mark Kay and Colin Haywood in second and third places. By the way the pasties squad was: John Sneddon, Ernie Wearing, John Hardwick, Ian Chappell, John Hopkinson, Anton Haigh and Kevin Reilly.