Owls only draw so it’s the boot for Megson again!

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THE cry this week was ‘Megson out’.

Okay, a week late, although no Wednesdayites (as far as I can ascertain) ever made such a call at anytime.

No, this is the Wednesday boss making an exit from a football competition having been let down by the team he had to leave behind.

Not that he expected to be let down. After all, Megson had them down to win at Rochdale last Saturday - and the fact they didn’t led to his second goodbye in a week.

Megson takes part in a competition called Last Man Standing where entrants pay a one-off £10 and each week pick a different team which has to win.

If the chosen team does win then you carry on in the competition but if they don’t then you’re out.

Anyway, the former Wednesday boss (having got through the first week by picking Chelsea to win) obviously fancied his old lads to win at Rochdale last Saturday.

However, the goalless draw means that he’s out of the competition after just two weeks.

As the line from the song goes “When will we ever learn?” Ought to sing it to myself sometimes!

We can often be too keen to write teams off and then be surprised when it’s ‘game on’ again. You don’t have to go back too far at all to find plenty ready to concede that second place would be Sheffield United’s and that Wednesday would have to make do with the play-offs.

Before last weekend, the gap was five points, United had a home game to come, Wednesday were away (and the manager had gone) plus United had a game in hand.

It did appear a decent position to be in. But there was a critical spell coming up for United after last Saturday’s Oldham home game. They’d got four of the next five AWAY from home.

Now that’s a potentially dangerous spell where it would be so easy to see points dropped.

Just one game into it (after Saturday’s nightmare) and, suddenly, the gap is now one point and it’s looking a whole lot different.

Indeed, can we expect a changing picture almost every week now?

Before last weekend, I said that if United come out of that spell still in second place, I reckoned they’d end up there.

But by five o’clock tomorrow they could be down in fourth. And I don’t doubt they might get written off by some!

I won’t be writing anyone off. This could chop and change right through to the last day!

Michael Vaughan is going to be back in action where it all started for him later this summer. The former England captain, now radio-summariser and general media pundit is to don his whites again up at Abbeydale, home of his club Sheffield Collegiate.

It was there, of course, where he was first spotted as an eager youngster batting in front of the pavilion during the lunch-break of a Yorkshire game.

Someone liked the look of this young lad and the rest, as they say, is history.

Michael went on to play for Collegiate and he has been booked in to captain them (what else?) at a fund-raising game come next September.

He leads Collegiate against a PCA England Legends XI in a Twenty20 game on Tuesday, September 4.

Abbeydale is also to be the venue for a Yorkshire Seconds match against the Unicorns on August 10, the day after Unicorns have faced Durham.