Warm weather causes problems for angler Mick

Terry Peniston.Terry Peniston.
Terry Peniston.
Shefford & District AA’s Mick Baldwin has found the fishing at Willington Lake rather inconsistent over the last few weeks.

His five latest sessions resulted in a total of 20 bream, five tench and four eels for a total of 120lb.

His latest trip coincided with the hottest day of the year and yielded a single eel and a single bream of 7lb 13oz.

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His most productive session resulted in 11 bream and two eels for 55lb 2oz.

Broom Lake had also seen Mick targeting the bream on 12 visits.

He has landed a total of 45 bream and a single tench for 220lb.

Mick’s best day produced 13 bream for 63lb 9oz.

Stephen Tatam recently landed a 7lb tench.

Terry Peniston’s latest session resulted in three common carp of 24lb 4oz, 17lb 12oz and 11lb 8oz plus five bream to 4lb.

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The first match of the season takes place at Willington Lake on Sunday, June 26.

It is free to enter with optional pools available.

The draw is at 8.30am with fishing from 9.30am to 3pm.

Anyone wanting to fish the match should contact Nigel Gilbert on 07931 215778, evenings and weekends only.

The bank running parallel with the road and cycle track will be used in the match and this section must be vacated by midnight on the day of the match and will re-open two hours after the match has finished.

Members are reminded that membership books must be carried at all times whilst on club waters, with photo ID securely attached to the inside cover and the declaration on page one signed to confirm the content of the membership book has been read.

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Members are also reminded that they must not leave any rod and line with its bait or hook in the water, such that they are unable to take immediate control of the rod.

If you need to move away from your rods then you must reel them in.