Video: Kid Galahad’s team suggest Josh Warrington had a “phantom injury”

Kid Galahad's camp believes opponent Josh Warrington needed more time to prepare for their fight than he was letting on - and may have ‘invented’ an injury.

Monday, 1st April 2019, 11:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 9:59 pm

The pair meet to contest Warrington's IBF featherweight title on June 15.

Initially, the promotion was set for May 4. But Warrington said he'd suffered a minor hand injury and the fight with Galahad (Abdul Barry Awad) was delayed.

Amer Khan, a coach at the Ingle gym in Sheffield, poured scorn on the injury, claiming: "I think it might be a phantom injury.

Josh Warrington. Picture by Simon Hulme

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"Maybe he needed a bit more time to get over the success from Frampton (the Leeds man beat Frampton in December) - the partying or what have you.

"It might be genuine but I think it might have been a phantom injury.

"I think it's everyone's view. When he was telling us about the injury his nose started growing - it was almost as big as mine!"

Khan has plenty of respect for Warrington, who took the title off Lee Selby at Elland Road last May.

"Josh is a very good boxer, he is a very clean-cut straight-forward, very fit, very strong, boxer.

"I don't think he does anything out of the ordinary or flamboyant or anything like that.

"In contrast with Barry, I feel as though Barry can box, fight, orthodox or southpaw, he can work inside...he has much more variety.

"That's the difference in this fight, Barry has too many answers for a straight-forward boxer.

"The thing with Barry is he's got a good boxing brain, he can box him or stand there and have a fight.

"I don't think he (Galahad) is going to try and nick it off him, I think he is going to knuckle down and rip it off him and if that means he has to fight him, he'll do that."

Khan is forecasting a "late stoppage or a point win" for the Sheffield fighter.

Warrington dismisses the verbal jousting aimed at him from Wincobank.

“When the first bell goes it will be me against him and we will see how special he and his team are then”he said.