Video: Clinton Woods hopes Kash Ali will return to boxing despite biting outrage

Former world champion Clinton Woods has leaped to the defence of disgraced heavyweight Kash Ali.

By Bob Westerdale
Monday, 15 April, 2019, 23:00

Ali faces a long ban from the sport after biting David Price in Liverpool, last month. In the aftermath, Tony Bellew declared: “Throw him out, don’t let him back in a boxing ring.

"If I had my way, don’t let him back in a boxing ring again.”

Sheffield's former IBF champion Woods acknowledged that Rotherman man had lost complete control on the night.

But he said: "I don't think he should be chucked out of the game.

"It was a moment of madness. In boxing you get all kinds of feelings going through your was the biggest night of his career, a big show...I don't know did he feel as though he was getting beat and he thought it was an easy way out?

"He bit him and that's it. I got head-butted in a fight - he didn't get banned for flipping life" said Woods.

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David Price (left) and Kash Ali compete in the Heavyweight contest at the M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool. Pic : Peter Byrne/PA Wire

"It is a big mistake and hopefully he can learn from it. It is not nice to get bit in boxing, but that's what happened and you can't change it now. He's probably going to get a little ban and come back, hopefully, come back a more experienced fighter."

Woods said it had never crossed his mind to sink his fangs another boxer. "Sometimes I felt like head-butting them" he laughed.

While Woods said he’d never stepped outside the laws of boxing, he said: "Sometimes in fights maybe you do lose your head. I used to have quite a cool head when I used to box, people used to call me 'Mint' because I was cool."

Woods said people wanting him kicked out were "over the top. He won't be the first boxer to bite somebody, he won't be the last.”

Carl Frochs says Ali deserves to be heavily punished for his actions.

Shortly after the fight, Price called Ali an "animal", saying "not really bothered" what punishment is handed out.