Speedway: Simon Stead still positive despite defeat to Scunthorpe

Sheffield boss Simon Stead has vowed his side will “keep fighting” after another near miss away defeat.

Simon Stead. Pic by Taylor Lanning
Simon Stead. Pic by Taylor Lanning

The Owlerton side went down 50-40 at Scunthorpe on Friday after a mid-meeting collapse cost them dearly.

After a strong start the Sheffield Window Centre Tigers were well in contention but the Scorpions pulled clear.

But Stead remained positive despite the latest setback on the road. He said: “We are obviously disappointed. It seems to be the same part of each meeting that lets us down.

“However we remain positive. We have some inexperienced lads in the side that will need time to settle away from home.

“They all have so much potential and will come good. They just need to keep working hard and enjoying racing, that’s the most important thing.

“The results will come from them. We know where we are losing meetings right now and we need to try and sort that as soon as possible.

“We now go to Leicester tonight (Saturday) and that’s going to possibly be our toughest test yet. The boys will keep fighting.”

Tigers were immediately on the back foot after Scunthorpe’s Danny Ayres was a shock winner of Heat 1 over Danny King.

Then the home reserves scored a vital 5-1 over Broc Nicol and Zaine Kennedy next time out. However it was soon level at 12-12after race wins from Ty Proctor and Kyle Howarth.

There were only two points in it until Heat 9 when Jason Garrity and Stefan Nielsen inflicted the first defeat on the previously impressive Howarth.

It then got worse with Josh Auty and Ayres following that up with a maximum over Proctor to leave the Tigers in real trouble.

The visitors just couldn’t get the heat advantages they required to put the home side under any sort of pressure.

An epic Heat 14 finally ended any hopes for the Tigers. Scunthorpe’s Ryan Kinsley passing Kennedy before a thrilling finish with Proctor, the Sheffield Australian just getting the verdict. But the 4-2 to Scunny put them in control of all the points.

Howarth rounded off the evening with a win to underline his excellent top scoring performance of 13 points.

Scunthorpe 50: Jason Garrity 10+1, Josh Auty 10, Stefan Nielsen 8+1, Jake Allen 7, Danny Ayres 6+2, Josh Bailey 5+1, Ryan Kinsley 4.

Sheffield 40: Kyle Howarth 13, Danny King 8+1, Ty Proctor 8, Zaine Kennedy 5, Kasper Andersen 3+2, Drew Kemp 2+2, Broc Nicol 1.

SHEFFIELD head to Leicester tonight before the return at Owlerton tomorrow.

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