Speedway: Axed Sheffield star Ty Proctor says fans got their wish after he was let go

Axed Sheffield star Ty Proctor reckons some fans have got their wish after he was let go by the club.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 1st August 2019, 12:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st August 2019, 4:50 pm
Ty Proctor leads Todd Kurtz and Jonas Jeppesen Ht 1
Ty Proctor leads Todd Kurtz and Jonas Jeppesen Ht 1

Tigers made a double change earlier this week with Owlerton favourite Todd Kurtz returning along with fellow Aussie Justin Sedgmen.

Injured American Broc Nicol was the other rider to lose his team place alongside Proctor.

But there’s been an added twist for the 32-year-old after he was quickly snapped up by Championship rivals Leicester – and he’ll make his debut against Tigers in the East Midlands on Sunday (4pm).

Proctor feels his face didn’t quite fit in the Steel City this time around but doesn’t think that played a part in his release.

“Unfortunately we lost Broc just as he was hitting form and the team have only been able to cover him with rider replacement,” Proctor explained.

“Sheffield are hitting the road a lot over the final few weeks and for the likes of Zaine (Kennedy), Chunk (Josh MacDonald) and Drew (Kemp), they haven’t got a lot of experience at these away tracks.

“Sheffield are still in a strong position to make those play-offs and even though it was disappointing that it was at my expense, I think they will be stronger for using Todd and Sedgy than myself and R/R.

“Todd is a very, very good rider at Sheffield and Sedgy has also got a lot of experience at these away tracks and that knowledge and understanding could help everyone else in the team at a key part of the season.

“I wouldn’t say I feel hard done by – we all know Speedway is a numbers game by now and this is how it works.

“Numbers in Speedway work in strange ways and for clubs to go in a certain direction they have to move things round a bit elsewhere.

“When Todd became available after being let go by Somerset, you can understand why Sheffield wanted to get him back because he’s a fans’ favourite there.

“Let’s be honest that’s something I haven’t been and a select few have really been quite vocal that they haven’t been impressed with me.

“So those people kind of got their wish in the end and that’s fine by me as I’ve quickly moved onto pastures new.”