Sheffield Tigers: Feedback key to shifting Sunday start time

Sheffield Tigers co-owner Damien Bates has revealed how the club listened to views across the board before switching their Sunday start time.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 9:04 pm
Updated Friday, 31st May 2019, 9:04 pm
Damien Bates

The club have confirmed they will face Scunthorpe at 5.30 this weekend – and Bates admits it’s been tough to keep everyone happy.

Said Bates: “At the end of the day after being used to Thursdays for so many years this was always going to be trial and error for us.

“A four o’clock start went down well with some but others were saying they couldn’t really do much with their day before or after a meeting if they wanted to come to Sheffield.

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“So by moving back to 5.30, that gives families the chance to go out for a meal first, go shopping or go out somewhere else and then come straight to the Speedway and still have the kids in bed for 8pm/8.30 for those who live local.

“We’ve also had feedback from supporters who work in retail who have had to miss the meetings so far because they don’t finish until 4pm - the time we’ve been starting at.

“So now they can come straight from work and chill out for a few hours before going home.

“By having a slightly later time in the evening as well, that should help us with the track a bit more.

“It’s been difficult to get it spot on at that time in the day but I’d like to think with a 5.30 start knowing that the temperature and conditions aren’t going to change too much will enable us to get the most out of the Owlerton circuit that we’ve invested so much time and money in over the past couple of years.”

And Bates is also hoping to see something extra from the team against the Scorpions after back-to-back last heat deciders at Owlerton.

“They’re good for entertainment for the supporters, but they’re not so good for heart rates,” Bates said.

“We know we need to step things up as a team and we know we need a little spark from somewhere to kick us into life because we’re capable of so much more as a team.”