Sheffield Tigers co-owner hopeful tapes will soon go up on new season

Picture courtesy of Sheffield TigersPicture courtesy of Sheffield Tigers
Picture courtesy of Sheffield Tigers
Sheffield co-owner Damien Bates is remaining positive and upbeat about prospects for racing next month – and is far from ready to throw in the towel.

Bates admits there are still hurdles to overcome before seeing the Tru Plant Tigers on track but news of Stock Car racing going ahead later this month at Ipswich with a crowd in attendance has lifted hopes.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the green light will be given to speedway at Owlerton immediately – but it’s the most significant development yet.

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Said Bates: “I’m a realist and a restart will never be straightforward but I’m certainly hopeful and more optimistic now than I have been for a few weeks.

“It feels like there is genuine light at the end of the tunnel and I can assure everyone my colleagues on the board of the British Speedway Promoters Ltd are working around the clock to offer some sort of league season for our fans.

“I must emphasise at no stage have we ever lost sight of the fact that the health and safety of our supporters, sponsors and track staff is of paramount importance, but I believe there is a way we can make this season happen.

“We have been in contact with our brilliant hosts at Owlerton Stadium and our manager Simon Stead has maintained regular contact with our team.

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“We have alternative plans in place to tweak the team if necessary depending on rider availability which we already have a pretty good idea on. Again I confirm our headline winter signing Nicki Pedersen remains committed to joining us and his bikes are still here in South Yorkshire.

“We’ll issue a full update as soon as we can with any concrete news.”