Sheffield Tigers co-owner confident of welcoming speedway fans back this summer

Sheffield co-owner Peter Mole says the vaccine rollout means British Speedway has the best chance of any nation to host meetings with fans this summer.

Mole, who lives in the West Midlands and commutes to Owlerton for Tigers meetings, has seen first-hand the success of the programme – because he is working as a vaccine volunteer at the Black Country Museum in Dudley.

He says British Speedway should look forward with a positive outlook in the months ahead.

“The vaccination programme has been and remains a fantastic organisation and logistical operation,” he said.

Peter Mole, Sheffield Tigers co-owner. Photo: Andy Garner.

“From the knowledge and skills of the scientists developing the vaccine in record times, to the foresight of our government taking a calculated risk to invest millions to secure enough doses, it’s a remarkable effort.

“The sheer operational aspects of manufacturing and delivering the vaccine, the logistics of every adult in the country having their opportunity to attend a centre, to the clinical aspects of delivering the vaccine, it’s been one massive effort.

“It’s incredible, the envy of Europe, and has moved us ahead so Boris’ roadmap can be reality and we can start our season on May 17 with fans in our stadiums.

“I’m currently working as a vaccinator in the hubs, everyone is so grateful and positive to get their jab, it is so humbling to be a part of it.”

Mole is also delighted with how the Tigers team is shaping up.

“I think Marc and Damien Bates have worked really hard on the team along with our manager, Simon Stead,” he said.

“I want to thank them for their efforts, we are looking good.”