Sheffield Angling: Decoy delight for Rusling and Chapman on weekend away

A keepnet violation cost Pete Spooner the first match of the Homestead Angling Club’s weekend away at Decoy Lakes’ East Strip Pond allowing Phil Chapman and Craig Rusling to edge him out of top spot.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 4:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th July 2019, 5:02 pm
Craig Rusling

Result: 1. C Rusling 107-4; 2. P Chapman 104-8; 3. P Spooner 103-3; 4. A Beighton 101-10; 5. D Wadsworth 95-3; 6. G Herbert 87-10.Fishing Decoy’s other strip lake on day two , Phil Chapman stormed to victory fishing short pole and fishing 6mm pellets over 4mm feed pellets for carp and barbel, well ahead of Pete Spooner who adopted the previous day’s winning tactic of fishing between his keepnets.Result: 1. P Chapman 154-11; 2. P Spooner 87-9; 3. D Wadsworth 85-13; 4. A Beighton 85-9; 5. T North 83-7; 6. G Herbert 61-15.Black Diamond AC, andy Corner Fisheries, Hoskers LakeThe draw played a big role in the outcome of the Diamond’s trip to Candy Corner with the top three drawn on Pegs 16, 18 and 17 respectively. Roy Gregory took full advantage netting 21 carp to 5lbs rotating methods between 14 metre pole and pellet feeder micro whilst feeding pellets and sweetcorn.Result: 1. R Gregory 58-5; 2. G Proffitt 47-9; 3. B Simpson 35-15; 4. N Proffitt 34-13; 5. S Collins 28-11.Hogshead Angling, Messingham Sands, Island Lake Secretary’s Venue Verdict: A very good venue that’s well looked after. 9/10.The Hogshead’s annual match produced an excellent turn-out but no-one could come close to Lee Dungworth who drew corner Peg 7 where a lot of carp were shoaled. He caught straight from off on corn and banded pellets fished shallow. Proving that age is no barrier to success, 85-year-old Ray Nightingale put in a storming performance fishing banded pellets and red maggots on the feeder for third place.Result: 1. L Dungworth 143-5; 2. D Devine 86-8; 3. R Nightingale 73-3; 4. L Flynn 62-5; 5. L Beresford 61-11; 6. R Orvice 55-10.Batchelors AC, Hayfield Fisheries, Island lakeLiam Smith led with 20lbs to spare fishing pole and pellet at Peg 2.Result: 1. L Smith 94-4; 2. S Lockton 73-15; 3. P Unwin 72-12; 4. G Morris 63-8; 5. C Eves 59-7; 6. K Morris 55-10.Everest AC, Bank End Fisheries, Match LakeSecretary’s Venue Verdict: 8/10Keith Broadhead took the spoils as Everest’s 8-,match series reached the half-way point. On a warm day with a slight ripple pegs in the mid-twenties fared best with Broadhead drawn on 22 fishing pellet shallow at distance before coming inside late on.Result: 1. K Broadhead 88-8; 2. S Easton 72-14; 3. J Moore 55-15; 4. B Moore 51-7; 5. C Cosgrove 47-6.Woodseats Angling, Lindholme Lakes, Beeches LakeA narrow win for Rich Teigh fishing with pellets, shallow at first then later down the margins at Peg 6.Result: 1. R Teigh 123-4; 2. M Holmes 119-5; 3. P Lakin 116-7.Woodseats Angling, Lindholme Lakes, Laurels LakeResult: 1. Mark Holmes 151-6 (winner caught on casters fished shallow at 16 metres on Peg 19); 2. S Bestall 110-5; 3. S Francis 90-10.Woodseats Angling, Robin Hood Lakes, Little John LakeTwo in a row for Mark Holmes kicking off on Peg 14 fishing shallow with casters and then hitting the margins with maggots.Result: 1. M Holmes 136-6; 2. D Tomkinson 131-6; 3. I Varley 127-2.

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