Olympics have already served their purpose

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“There is no such thing as society,” Margaret Thatcher, clearly no student of Marx, Weber or Giddens, once famously declared.

Accomplished at smashing unions, heavy industry and laying the foundations for thousands of households to be plunged into fuel poverty, the Iron Lady clearly can not count intellect among her many strengths.

Or so Talking Sport thought until it heard the whingeing and whining about the Olympics which seems to have hijacked the nation’s airwaves for the past fortnight.

Ever since the one year countdown to London 2012 started in fact.

Radio shows chronicling events at Trafalgar Square, where David Cameron, Jacques Rogge and Boris Johnson did the honours, were swamped by Kevin the Teenager types moaning about a lack of participation.

“They’ve done nothing for me,” one hapless caller mumbled. “They talk about a legacy but I just don’t get it.

“Bringing the whole thing here hasn’t persuaded me to get involved in sport.”

For pity’s sake.

Debates about the rights and wrongs of staging such an event in financially chastened times are all well and good.

(If not a little futile).

Discussions relating to spiralling budgets and ticket allocation absolutely fine.

But I fail to see why assorted Chavs and Chavettes should be granted a platform to complain that staging one of the greatest shows on earth is a complete an utter waste of time because they haven’t got the gumption to put down their PlayStation console, peel themselves off the sofa and do some exercise.

Here’s a novel idea: Do it your-bloomin’ selves.

Clearly some folk won’t be happy until Lord Coe personally delivers 20 free tickets for the 100 metres final to their house.

Providing he chucks in free train travel and hotel accommodation and a complementary fencing session of course.

Despite the regeneration projects and talk of legacies, this, after all is a sporting event.

There are some welcome spin-offs.

And quite right too.

But, ultimately, the Olympics are about all about medals and those trying to claim them.

Nothing else.

Irrespective of whether this whole shebang proves a success, its already served a purpose.

Showing that Great Britain is now a nation inhabited by people who, unless they can reap some sort of benefit, are determined to spoil the spectacle for the rest of us.