OLYMPIC DIARY: The party is over now live out your dreams

Golden memories: Sheffield's Jessica Ennis finishes the 800m and clinches the Olympic heptathlon title.                      Picture: Martin Rickett/PA Wire
Golden memories: Sheffield's Jessica Ennis finishes the 800m and clinches the Olympic heptathlon title. Picture: Martin Rickett/PA Wire
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All good things come to an end.

Soon Mo Farah won’t be the fastest long distance runner in the world, Jessica Ennis will one day be beaten by Katarina Johnson-Thomson and Sir Chris Hoy will find himself distanced in the velodrome.

Good things and times are there to remind us that life can be beautiful. That when something is done well it can take your breath away and leave tears streaming down your face.

It has been my privilege to watch all three of those Olympic champions mentioned above over the past fortnight.

Each has moved me in a way that only sport can.

And now it’s over.

How should I feel? I feel a bit sad that the greatest experience of my working life is over. I won’t have that anticipation as I walked to the bus each morning in Russell Square that today I could see something truly extraordinary.

Usually I did.

I won’t have the chance to meet up with new friends and discuss the day over a pint into the early hours. Talking about how we’re the luckiest people in the world that we get the best seat in the house to watch the greatest show in the world.

Gone are the times that my office is the Olympic Stadium or the velodrome or the Aquatic Centre or the Basketball Arena or, just for the hell of it one afternoon, the Copper Box where the handball was played.

No longer will I be stood in the media mixed zone waiting to ask a question to Pendleton or Hoy or Ennis or Deng or Adams or Trott or any number of people who are no idols to millions of kids.

The nights of walking back to the media centre and seeing the tired but smiling faces of families who have had an amazing day at the Olympic Park will just be a memory.

I can look back and say hand on heart that I gave everything to this Olympics. Not a moment was wasted. And for that I’m proud because any sports journalist worth their salt would have swapped places with me in a heartbeat. The Olympic Games, its competition, its people and its spirit are what sport is all about. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life and when times are tough I’ll think back to how sport can be. How it can lift you and make you think anything is possible.

But it’s not the most important thing in the world. Not even close.

For that you have to look closer to home. My wife and two children are what really matters.

They’re who I was thinking of when all these great sportsmen and women lifted their performances to magical levels. The gold medallists were young once. They had mums and dads who wanted their kids to be the best they possibly could be,

Not to pressure them, but to nurture, to encourage to provide an example that if you have a dream then go and follow it.

My son came to visit me while I was at the Olympic Park and even though he’s six I told him to remember everything he possibly could.

Because the Olympics are what excellence looks like. Why settle for second best when you can fulfill your own potential.

As I head back north on the train that is what I’ll take away from the Games.

Dream big. Work hard. And love every moment of your life. Then the good times will go on and on.

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