OLYMPIC DIARY: Nailing the perfect flight

Union: Team GB's Alison Williamson
Union: Team GB's Alison Williamson
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THE photo above is purely illustrative. I didn’t have to replicate the Team GB women archers by having the Union flag painted on my nails to try the sport.

In any case pink suits me better.

However, in a tiny way, I did copy the likes of Swinton’s Amy Oliver and the rest of the British squad by striding out at Lord’s cricket ground and shooting a quiver full of arrows at a distant target.

For the record mine was roughly 10 metres, there’s will be 70m.

Today marks the official start of the Games competitions in London. Yes, football has been taking place across the country but even the sports junkies in the media centre barely look up from their lap tops when it’s on the big screens.

Archery is the first sport to get going so I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s very enjoyable and it was a pleasure to walk across the manicured Lord’s outfield.

Amy has the privilege of being our first Olympian, but after that the action will come thick and fast.

This weekend alone there are eight of our athletes in action ranging from beach volleyball with former University of Sheffield student Zara Dampney, through to Rotherham pair Joe Roebuck and Becky Turner in the aquatic centre.

The Olympic Park is almost ready to explode with the sound and colour of thousands of visitors pouring through its gates.

The atmosphere will change from being an almost private media affair to a sporting carnival of which one cannot get enough.