OLYMPIC DIARY: Graft and class make the gold

Star of the Games: Jessica Ennis
Star of the Games: Jessica Ennis
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MAKING absolutely no apology for talking about Jessica Ennis again when The Star is dedicating a special supplement, it’s front page, part of page two and a story on the back page to her.

She is the star of these Games so far, particularly for Sheffield and the South Yorkshire area.

Hopefully we’ll be celebrating another gold late tonight with Sarah Stevenson in the taekwondo to go along with Jess’s in the Olympic Stadium and Ed Clancy, from Barnsley, in the velodrome.

So, why mention Jess again?

Simple really. She’s the epitome of hard work, manners and class.

In amongst all her commitments as an Olympic champion she found the time to speak to The Star about winning gold. She’s also another one to add to the ‘hard work’ list. Ask any champion the main ingredient of being successful and inevitably the first two words they’ll say are ‘hard work’.

I don’t like using quotes in a diary piece but I think the following are worth it.

She said: “I had a lot of sessions where I was so tired in the gym or doing horrible running sessions and I’d think ‘why am I doing this’.

“I was training so hard but I might get to London and get injured or something might go wrong. I kept thinking to myself I hope all this hard work is worth it.”

I think whether it was all worth it is pretty clear for all to see.

Not everyone can be an Olympic champion, but everyone can work like one.

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