Och aye the no, for Sheffield United ace

Sheffield United midfielder Brian Howard has conceded defeat in his attempts to play for Scotland.

Howard was called up by manager George Burley for the friendly against

Croatia earlier this year but was deemed ineligible to play after

playing for England at Under-21 level.

He said: "It can't get resolved. There's a FIFA ruling which says before

I turn a certain age, I think it might be 25; I have to say if I'm going

to switch allegiances.

"I was two months into my 25th year when I got called up for Scotland

and they said, 'No, it's too late because you've played for England

Under-21s. You can't play'. We've looked in to it.

"I've had all sorts of people through media and different football lines

look into it but it looks like FIFA, the governing body that's supposed

to be there for footballers, does seem to be against them and won't

change the rules.

"I've got a huge Scottish family so I would have loved to get the blue

shirt on and played in front of the Scots. I still get goose pimples

when I hear 'Flower of Scotland' so that would have been lovely but at

the moment it doesn't look like it's going to happen."