The notorious 'Battle of Bramall Lane' involving United and West Bromwich Albion players in March 2002

Sheffield United v West Brom: Working in catering, selling cars and 'King George' - The Blades players from Battle of Bramall Lane

Anyone who was at Bramall Lane that afternoon won’t forget 2002’s battle with West Brom in a hurry.

By Danny Hall
Wednesday, 9th February 2022, 2:23 pm

On an afternoon of bad tackles, headbutts and injuries, the game was abandoned with United down to SIX men – and went down in infamy.

West Brom boss Gary Megson accused United of deliberately trying to get the game called off, a claim Neil Warnock refuted as ‘absolute nonsense’.

In the years that have passed since, some of the key figures involved in the Battle of Bramall have spoken about their memories of that eventful early spring day back in 2002.

Former Blades defender Keith Curle recalled how the atmosphere in the home dressing room was one of disbelief.

"When you look back on it now, it's surreal. It was farcical,” said Curle.

"In the dressing room after there was just sheer disbelief about what had happened.

“A lot ask if it was calculated. Was it set up? No. Was it set up for Warnock to bring George on to get revenge? No.

"They got lip-reading experts to try and pick up the conversation I had with Neil. There was a debate about what Neil had said to me, whether I instructed to get another man sent off or get another man off the pitch? It was nowhere near the case.

"I can't remember what Warnock said. In no way shape or form was it to get the game abandoned."

Neither George Santos nor Patrick Suffo played for United again and both were fined the maximum of two weeks of wages.

But what happened to the rest of the Blades players from the day? We took a look...

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