Nice holiday but still not made it to end of show...

Top of League: But still some Blades hope Danny Wilson fails.
Top of League: But still some Blades hope Danny Wilson fails.
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YOU GO away on holiday and all hell breaks lose.

Or all heaven.

The news we left behind a month ago was a 2-0 defeat for Wednesday at Bournemouth and Danny Wilson preparing to try and convince die-hard Blades fans that he was the right man - despite United sitting pretty with two away wins out of two.

Now the Blades are top of the league after Wednesday demolished MK Dons with their best result of the season to put themselves just four points behind United.

It’s not quite a United and City Premier League scenario but Sheffield’s having a go.

Chesterfield’s depressing start ended at even more depressed Bournemouth on Saturday and Barnsley’s four without a win has now turned into three without defeat.

For Doncaster unfortunately the news doesn’t get any better - holiday or not.

On the face of it a point against ten men doesn’t seem a great reward for the Blades - top of the table against opponents in the bottom third - but as it’s United’s first ever point at Glanford Park, it’ll do nicely.

Despite Danny Wilson’s team being top of the heap at this early stage there is still a small minority of Sheffield United fans, even now, waiting with relish for things to go wrong so they can have somewhere to invest their brimming hate.

Some people are only happy when they’re miserable.

But at least they’re getting chance to see the Blades on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning at an almost reasonable time.

It’s been on good few years now but has anyone actually ever stayed up to see the end of The Football League Show on a Saturday night without falling asleep?

How many fans have tried only to be woken up by cold-footed spouses wanting to know where the hell you are or homecoming teenage offspring bearing pizza at around 1.30am?

The converted-disused-South-London-lock-up style studio lends the show a touch of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels but even Manish’s easy charm and Steve Claridge’s forthright wideboy offerings can’t keep us awake till the end.

While we’re on the subject of TV football what’s Colin Murray up to?

The Match Of The Day 2 anchor man seems to fall somewhere between fan and presenter.

Following Adrian Chiles was always going to be a tough act when he left for ITV but Colin can’t seem to win for losing at the moment.

As opposite him Lee Dixon develops into an interesting and informative expert analyst on games Colin Murray’s determination to ‘have a bit of fun’ seems to be having the opposite effect.

He seems a genuine and keen football fan and tries to put over the supporters’ point of view in a slightly irreverent and fanzine way but somehow it doesn’t really come off.

The bloke who does the man of the people stuff best is Kevin Day whose light touch and natural approach to interviews is one of the highlights of the Sunday night show.

He wasn’t on at all this week and MOTD 2 was the poorer for it.

The Football TV studio chemistry appears to work best when the ex-pro pundits are the stars of the show and the presenter introduces the games and allows his guests’ insight and humour - however dressing-room corny - to flow.

That’s what we tune in for.