Sheffield product a Superleague star

Lauren Potter in action
Lauren Potter in action
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Lauren Potter captains two netball teams, plays the sport for her university team and has competed internationally - all whilst studying for a medical degree.

Lauren was raised in Sheffield and attended Mylnhurst Preparatory School and Sheffield High School.

She began playing netball in primary school and soon began training for netball and athletics at the English Institute of Sport.

Lauren, aged 21 and now studying medicine at The University of Leeds, explains: “I started playing when I was about ten. My primary school PE teacher had a real passion for netball and it sparked mine as well.

“I joined the team at EIS Sheffield and it just sort of stayed with me.”

At the age of 16, Lauren began competing in what would be the first of five Junior European Championships for England. She has competed for England in the Under 17s as captain, the Under 19s and Under 21s and won gold medals in all age categories.

Lauren trialled for the junior section of the Yorkshire Jets netball team at the age of 13, before joining the senior team at 16.

The Yorkshire Jets are one of only eight teams in the Superleague, the netball equivalent of football’s Premier League, and games are televised weekly on Sky Sports.

Lauren trained at EIS Sheffield until moving to Leeds for university. EIS Sheffield was Lauren’s primary training facility three or four times a week for nearly eight years and she is very grateful for the support and opportunities the venue gave her.

“I started training at EIS Sheffield for both netball and athletics when I was quite young,” she said.

“It was a brilliant place for me to learn and I will never forget my time there.

“I learnt most of my netball skills there and I wouldn’t be playing the way I do now without the support from coaches and team mates there.”

After five seasons with the Jets, Lauren has been named captain after being vice captain last season.

“It’s such a privilege to captain the team,” she added.

“It’s a massive responsibility and I’m learning that being captain isn’t just about keeping the team morale up or planning game strategy; there are organisational roles and official duties as well.”

Now living in Leeds, Lauren is also captain of Premier League netball team Leeds Athletic and often finds herself very busy with training for two top teams in the UK.

“I train or have practice six days a week and it does take up a lot of time,” she admits.

“I need to know exactly when I have time to study, to train and to sleep!

“Sometimes I have to make tough decisions like to go to see friends or when I can catch up on my reading, but my friends and family have always been very supportive.”

Lauren also plays for her university netball team and helped them reach the semi-finals of the British University and College Sport competition.