MARTIN SMITH: Rooney’s forearm smash comes around to whack Sir Alex

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WHAT goes around comes around.

Not a new idea but one that keeps constantly renewing itself.

Especially in football where it seems to come around more often and more powerfully than in most other areas of life.

As Sir Alex Ferguson can testify.

On Saturday his top man Wayne Rooney got away with footballing murder.

He didn’t, as everyone seems to accept, elbow James McCarthy in the face during Manchester United’s game at Wigan last Saturday.

It was an old-fashioned, Saturday-afternoon-from-West-Ham-Baths-Kent Walton-wrestling forearm smash that caused such a ruckus in the papers and on television on Sunday and Monday.

Ferguson thought there was ‘nothing in it’ - though if he saw the replay again in the cold light of day he would have to accept Rooney was well out of order.

Referee Mark Clattenburg somehow thought that a free kick was adequate punishment, even after he had seen the replay.

So Rooney plays and scores against Chelsea.

But we should have known what would happen.

United 1-0 up and scrapping in a game that could go a long way towards deciding their Premiership title bid and what happens?

Rooney gets chopped down and the referee doesn’t see it, Hernandez gets one off the ball and the referee doesn’t see it.

Chelsea win.

Sir Alex is up in arms at the final whistle but his ‘how could the ref not see it’ protest won’t cut much ice after the weekend.

TWO old-timers back together this week when legendary goalscorer Jimmy Greaves was re-united with a man who kicked him all over the park time or two - Sheffield Wednesday’s Peter Swan.

The former internationals were re-united at Coghlan’s cookery school in Chesterfield and were soon chatting about old times. Apparently when Sheffield Wednesday played in London back in the 1960s they would travel down on Friday and go out to a show that night at the Palladium theatre or somewhere and would meet the stars backstage afterwards.

Wonder what they got up to after the shows?