Maggots pay off at Peg 22 for Paul

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Woodseats Angling

Lindholme Lakes, Willows Lake

All three of this week’s Woodseats matches were staged on the same lake.

Wednesday produced the best weights with John Lomas topping 50 pounds fishing short with caster at Peg 13 beating Mark Holmes on 12 into third place. Dave Tomkinson was second off Peg 6.

Result: 1. J Lomas 50-4; 2. D Tomkinson 41-10; 3. M Holmes 39-3.

Saturday’s match was marred by clear skies and a bitter wind resulting in significantly lower weights.

Paul Donnelly fished long pole with maggots at Peg 22 for the day’s top weight of 19lb 6oz.

Gary Turner was not too far off the pace at Peg 29 with Mark Holmes filling the frame from Peg 7.

Result: 1. P Donnelly 19-6; 2. G Turner 16-5; 3. M Holmes 10-14.

Things improved slightly on Sunday when Peg 13 scored again but Bob Poole had to be patient as most of his fish turned up in the letter stages of the match to long pole and maggot, overtaking John Royston on the adjacent Peg 14. Dave Caton wasn’t too far behind at Peg 7.

Result: 1. B Poole 28-14; 2. J Royston 21-4; 3. D Caton 17-2.