Lynwen’s at the business end of triathlons

Byline: John Houlihan
Byline: John Houlihan
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LIFE begins at 40 for Sheffield Lynwen Harrison after she was selected as an amateur athlete for the Great Britain triathlon team.

And the 41-year-old keen swimmer and cyclist is also mixing business with pleasure with the launch of her own sports drink, called ‘NouriSH me now’.

Billed as the ‘first sports recovery drink of its kind’, a ready-made product comprising high quality natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones, ‘NouriSH me now’ was launched at the Hathersage Hilly triathlon run by Sheffield Triathlon Club, with business partner Rachel Smith.

The Hathersage Hilly is a fitting starting point for the launch, as it was the first triathlon that Lynwen took part in back in 2006.

Since then, she has competed in two World Championships and has been reselected for 2011/12 after coming first in a trial.

“Competing is compulsive, “ says Lynwen, a part time senior physiotherapist.

“I just love it. I never thought I’d get this far. Admittedly, I can’t train as often as I’d like because of my work and family commitments, which are equally important to me, but I really take myself to the limit when I do. “Consequently, I wanted to look after myself by finding something to support my training.

“Like many other tired and time pressed mums, I didn’t want the additional bother of measuring and mixing recovery drink powders. I wanted a convenient, tasty and quality product from natural ingredients- which inspired the idea for nouriSH me now.”

Lynwen took two years out from competing to have her second child, but never gave up on her dream.

“I began noticing that I was gradually getting fitter and placing well in the field for my age plus I was on the tail of my husband whenever we went for a bike ride, much to his admiration and horror,” she added.

“I had a dream of trying that bit harder to get into the GB team, but I very nearly didn’t attend the qualifying trials.

“My neighbour nagged me not to let the opportunity pass, and said she’d look after the kids. My bike had barely seen the light of day in 18 months, and the only carbohydrate loading I’d done was downing a burger and a beer the night before.

“When I was told I’d qualified, I couldn’t quite believe it. I was absolutely delighted.”

Lynwen, who has recently joined Sheffield Triathlon Club, gained a first class honours degree in animal and plant biology from Sheffield University and then studied for a physiotherapy degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

“All my training takes place in and around the city,” she said.

“Quite honestly, if I didn’t live here I am not sure I would have been inspired to get as far as I have.

“The landscape and sporting attitude here is just fantastic.”

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