Lowdon cool on Virgin’s ambitions

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MARUSSIA Virgin Racing president Graeme Lowdon is staying tight-lipped about the Dinnington-based team’s objectives as they embark on their second season in Formula One.

Having failed to secure a single point in 2010, Marussia are hoping to close the gap on the rest of the grid when the first grand prix gets underway in Australia at the end of the month.

With Marussia Motors having acquired a significant shareholding in the fledgling F1 outfit just under four months ago, the pressure is on team principal John Booth and Lowdon to make them more competitive.

Lowdon told The Star: “In the first three to four races, we will see where everybody is up to and how quick their cars are. It is difficult to make any predictions until we know that.

“We could find that we have made this car substantially quicker than our old one but, everybody else’s cars might also have improved dramatically. We reached the second qualifying session a couple of times in 2010 and we want to be much more regular visitors this season.

“If we find that testing goes well and the figures show the car is quick, then we would set more challenging objectives but until then we just don’t know.”