LES PAYNE: Capello’s tactical thoughts still lost in translation

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TRAVELLING home after watching the England game in Cardiff last Saturday, I listened to an interview given by Fabio Capello.

Even allowing for some faulty hearing, I listened with some difficulty. In short, I often couldn’t tell what he was saying!

It’s a subject I’ve touched on before and many are beating him with that particular stick. But I do wonder if all the players fully grasp all he says. Many people, me too, really believe his English should be a great deal better than it is considering the time he’s been in the job.

He now reckons 100 words is sufficient to get across his tactical message to the players. I do hope they get them all. I got some in his interview last Saturday ... but reckon I was about 60 short!

Gary Megson gave one of the angrier versions of his Mr Angry persona when that pretty awful penalty decision went against Sheffield Wednesday at Dagenham last Saturday.

That, along with other “handballs” I’ve seen given and not given, set in train a really extreme thought.

Why not give a free-kick whenever the ball hits hand or arm, whether accidental or intentional or whatever?

Then we’d all know where we stood and we’d certainly all see more penalties. And we might also see crafty players trying to flick the ball onto an opponent’s hand.

Daft? Probably, but at least we’d all know where we stood. And is it any dafter than that decision at Dagenham?

I could give you others too.

Perhaps Megson has more on his mind right now than a dodgy handball though.

As the Wednesday slide continues, surely to be arrested soon you would reckon, it seems incredible that on the Saturday before Christmas, the Owls travelled to Exeter knowing a win would have put them top of the table!

Best job of the week? Try the two policemen who were involved in the massive security operation which surrounded the India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup semi-final this week - the most watched cricket match in history.

Their job in the days leading up to the game, was to sit with the India and Pakistan teams at meal times and eat exactly the same food as they did so as to ensure that nothing that shouldn’t be there was being slipped into the food! Beats being on traffic duty in Mumbai I reckon!